“Meet the Seven HAX Startups in TC Startup Battlefield”

An article written by HAX – the full article can be found here.

Seven HAX startups have been chosen to participate in this year’s TechCrunch Startup Battlefield.

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield brings together some of the world’s top startups to compete for $100,000. Thousands of startups apply, the top 200 exhibit at Disrupt 2022, and the top 20 take the stage in a live pitch competition in the fall of each year.

Meet the following HAX startups participating in this year’s startup battlefield.

Artyc is decarbonizing cold chain logistics – they build modular shipping boxes that actively cool goods with electricity during shipping and storage. Their technology is free of chemical refrigerants, reusable, and provides additional transparency into cold chain logistics.

Neurode has developed non-invasive wearable devices designed to improve cognitive performance of people living with neurological conditions. Their first product, Neurode Wave, is a lightweight headset and digital companion application designed to improve executive function and cognitive performance for patients with ADHD.

Allozymes is building microfluidic technology to discover and scale custom-engineered enzymes for cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing of products. Their solution is impactful for a wide variety of applications across pharmaceuticals, chemicals, materials, and consumer products, and enables 10x faster enzyme engineering with 200X higher chance of success when compared to traditional solutions.

Gaia AI is applying cutting-edge AI and robotics to make trees a viable and economical carbon sequestration solution. They measure forests with LiDAR and computer vision, improve forest carbon credit verification, and optimize forest ecosystems for resiliency, carbon density, and ecological impact.

Impact BioSystems is enabling personalized recovery for every athlete. Their first product, Pact, is an integrated massage gun and consumer device which consumers can use to track recovery of their muscle tissue, allowing for data driven training and recovery plans for each and every athlete.

Lura Health is developing intraoral biosensors for saliva-driven diagnostics. Their sensor is worn comfortably on one tooth, and continually monitors saliva for various diagnostic parameters, giving patients and clinicians more insight into personalized health strategies for oral care.

Swap Robotics builds modular robots for automated environmental maintenance. Their first two applications are focused on automating vegetation removal in solar fields, and snow removal on sidewalks for municipalities.

Sophie Helfend | Sept 21, 2022


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