Accelerating Nature's Manufacturing Machinery

Allozymes applies its proprietary platform technology to rapidly develop novel enzymes, revolutionizing the way that industries manufacture complex natural products.


To Create Robust Biosolutions for a Greater Tomorrow

In our modern world, all ingredients are manufactured, either through chemical processes or extracting them from plants or animals. Chemical processes are highly polluting. Ironically, current methods of isolating natural ingredients from plants and animals are also damaging the environment. These processes typically use significant volumes of biomass, energy, water and land, to grow, harvest, process, and extract the tiniest amounts of natural ingredients.

At Allozymes, we believe there is a better way. Our goal is to replace traditional manufacturing methods with cleaner, greener, scalable methods, by unlocking the power of custom designed enzymes.


Using Droplets as a Vessel for Efficient Enzyme Optimization

Finding the correct enzyme can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. At Allozymes, we employ our proprietary microfluidics technology to build our next generation enzyme engineering platform. Our platform can build and test millions of enzymes per day, boosting the likelihood of success by 200X in developing the most effective enzymes. We have developed oxidase, reductases, isomerases, and hydrolases for our customers, 10x faster, compared to robotics technology. By increasing the speed of development and the probability of success, we accelerate innovative product introduction and time to market.


Faster enzyme engineering than robotics


Higher chance of success compare to current enzyme engineering technologies


We, at Allozymes, are passionate about creating powerful sustainable biosolutions for our growing world. We are in charge of designing the world we live in, and only through making our industries sustainable can we move forward together. Our work at Allozymes proves to replace these often environmentally endangering processes with clean, biological alternatives, such as biocatalysis (enzymes), which allow the sustained development of economies worldwide and even potentially increase their acceleration.

Here in Singapore, where the jungle meets the city, our technology meets the needs of the environment. By working on the bioproduction of chemicals using an enzymatic process, these chemicals are produced with no harm to the environment, accelerating the establishment of a carbon-neutral economy, and being mindful of the resources we are using in technological advancements. Each and every one of us is personally and professionally driven to be a part of this change for the betterment of humanity, for the next generation, and for the nourishment of our Earth.


Leveraging our rapid development platform, Allozymes supports partners in two ways:

  • Accelerating custom enzyme development, or
  • Developing novel, sustainable natural ingredients/products.

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“We are deeply impressed with our partnership with Allozymes. Allozymes' team designed, synthesized, and screened millions of enzyme variants in less than 6 months to identify the best-performing enzymes. They produce our desired results and exceed expectations with their speed-scaling testing technology. They put project success as the major priority. A first foundational step of a highly collaborative long-term partnership.”
Laurent Desrousseaux


We are a passionate group of over 20 scientist-entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of combined experience in protein engineering, biology, microfluidics, sequencing, computation, working together to build a better future for humankind.

Join us in the next industrial revolution!


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