Allozymes enhances protein engineering capabilities with the addition of a highly accomplished bioengineer and protein engineer, Shelly Cheng!

We are excited to welcome our newest addition to the Allozymes protein engineering team, Dr. Shelly Hsiao-Ying Cheng!

Dr. Shelly Cheng, a highly accomplished bioengineer and protein engineer, contributed her expertise in protein and strain engineering at Mascoma LLC, where she developed whole-cell and enzyme products for applications in animal nutrition and food processing. After moving from the US to Singapore, she joined Veranome Biosystems, where she developed hardware and assay workflow for spatial transcriptomics. Shelly obtained her PhD in Bioengineering from Rice University, where she led projects at the intersection of synthetic biology and environmental sciences.

Shelly is a passionate scientist driven by her desire to create proteins that can positively impact people’s lives. She was particularly drawn to Allozymes because of its potential to streamline the screening process and create more efficient workflows. In her first protein engineering project, Shelly had to hand-pick more than 7000 colonies to find improved enzymes. But, with Allozymes’ microfluidics technology, she can accelerate this process and achieve faster results.

Shelly believes that even small improvements in manufacturing, agriculture, and material recycling can contribute to a greener future. She is committed to making a difference through her work at Allozymes and contributes her effort to create a more sustainable future.

“At Allozymes, there are cutting-edge technologies, which are capable of screening enzyme variants 10x faster and millions of variants a day, and a group of focused and dedicated people with deep experience in biotech. I am really excited to be part of the team and look forward to creating great enzyme products here!” says Shelly.

Welcome onboard Shelly, we are excited to embark on this adventure and look forward to accelerating enzyme evolution together!

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