One-stop Solution For Protein Engineering

From gene-to-protein, clients are provided with specifically screened proteins tailored to their requirements

Service Features

Mutant Libraries Variability

Wide ranges of different mutant libraries for different library designs

Flexibility and Scalability

Final deliverable in different format and yield according to your requirement

60% Faster Deliverables

High-throughput screening of targeted protein with Allozymes’ proprietary technology

4-6 Months

Faster project turnaround time

Collaborating with GenScript, a global biotechnology group, we aim to provide a one stop protein engineering service. Allozymes will provide ultra-high-throughput screening service for applications across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage, while Genscript will provide the mutant libraries construction and expression.


Site-Directed Mutagenesis Libraries

HTP Site Directed Mutagenesis Service

Gene Variant Libraries

Precision Mutant Library Service

High Throughput DNA Library Assembly Service

Target Screening Service by Allozymes

Expression of targeted protein and antibodies by GenScript

Why Choose GenScript and Allozymes for Your Protein Engineering Project?

Faster and economical gene library construction

Save turnaround time and cost

Guaranteed >90% coverage of all desired variants

Diverse and comprehensive mutant library with unbiased distribution

Faster and more reliable screening of diverse enzyme classes

Higher chance of success due to larger library coverage

Unlock new FTO on protein sequence-to-function

Ultra-high throughput screening uncovers unexplored, novel sequence

Serving A Diverse Sector

Food & Nutra


Biotech and R&D


Industrial Chemicals


Household Care



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