“in-cosmetics Asia Made Its Triumphant Return to Bangkok”

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In-cosmetics Asia made its triumphant return to Bangkok on 1-3 November its first physical event in Thailand in three years.

10,032 cosmetic and personal care professionals (unique visitors) joined 416 exhibitors for the coveted opportunity to learn, network, and discover the most recently launched ingredients.

Ingredients and Exhibitors

With attendees joining from across the APAC region, including Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and Singapore amongst others, all eyes were on the show floor as several exhibitors announced exciting new ingredient launches.

Clariant launched Galactinol Advanced, a biomimetic active ingredient inspired by resurrection plants and obtained by biocatalysis. Meanwhile, Expanscience unveiled its Calybiota® Bio, a COSMOS-certified natural ingredient recommended for skin care and intimate hygiene.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS also introduced two new anti-aging skincare active ingredients Adeplump, a perfect adipose enhancer, and HappiCloy, a skincare active formulated to improve skin elasticity and sagging.

Highlighting the revival of color cosmetics, Neelikon unveiled 17 new pearlescent pigments ideal for personal care and color applications. Allozymes also revealed Phytoene, the biomolecule responsible for the yellow, red, and orange colors in plants and vegetables, which is ideal for use as an anti-UV and anti-oxidation cosmetic ingredient.

Dow launched seven high-performing and sustainable new technologies including its EcoSense™ GL-60 HL Surfactant and EcoSense™ GL-60 HA Surfactant. The two naturally derived (>99% bio-derived) bio-surfactants, with emulsifying properties, enable the creation of highly desirable mild cleansing products. Meanwhile, Merck launched two new cosmetic active ingredients: RonaCare JouvaMer and RonaCare ReviMer for natural skin renewal, well-aging, and skin vitality.

Exhibitor Luis Alcalde, business development manager at Laboratorios Argenol commented, “in-cosmetics Asia is our main gateway for the Asian market – we had the opportunity to see all our clients and potential customers during the show and we foresee a great future for our ingredients in Asia.”

The visitor (and Awards judge) Dr. Awanthi De Silva, NPD Lead (senior chemist) at Moorebank aerosol fillers added, “I attended in-cosmetics Asia for the first time and the show did not disappoint. As a cosmetic development chemist, I found the seminars insightful. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the field, there was something for everyone. I will definitely attend again!”

In-cosmetics group | Nov 16, 2022

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