“Four Startups Driving Change In Food and Agriculture”

An article written by StartLife – the full article can be found here.

Allozymes (Singapore) – Producing Novel Enzymes For Natural Products

Allozymes applies its proprietary platform technology to develop novel enzymes, revolutionizing the way industries manufacture natural products.

“We are unlocking infinite possibilities through enzymatic development with the plan of having a database of custom enzymes for a variety of production lanes. Our novel enzymes will reduce emissions substantially and offer sustainable solutions across sectors. We are able to leverage our technology into the food and plant protein, flavor, and other industries,” explains Peyman Salehian, co-founder and CEO of Allozymes.

Allozymes’ mission is to leverage its technology to generate sustainable alternatives across food production. “Our Hero Enzyme can direct nutrient recovery from lignocellulosic biomass and convert nutrients into fiber-derived sugar. This process enables efficient and sustainable sourcing of raw materials while reducing the harmful impact on our environment.”

Peyman says he is keen to embark Allozymes’ journey to ‘start’ food application testing for their hero enzymes allowing them to be optimized for upcycling different agrifood side streams and produce healthier fiber ingredients. “Together with StartLife, we endeavor to accelerate the development of different food applications with fiber ingredients.”

Bram Van Beek | Oct 27, 2022


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