Allozymes is the co-winner of the Future Food Asia 2021 Award

Building the next generation enzyme engineering platform , in June 2021 Allozymes team took home the Asia Pacific’s Future Food Asia Award (FFA 2021). The response to the competition from 17 different countries was one of wide geographical spread and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Many have “virtually” come far and wide to vie for the Award, which aims to accelerate open innovation in AgriTech and FoodTech across Asia Pacific. The Award also sets its sights on the goal to catalyse and align an ecosystem to cope with the challenges of food.

Winning an award in a five-star event like the FFA2021 is Allozymes’ chance to prove two things:

  • Allozymes breakthrough technology will accelerate the discovery and engineering of  a wide range of custom-designed enzymes, covering many different applications and serving a range of industries.
  • Our powerful enabling technology platform reveals a wellspring of future opportunities: a booster for the entire synthetic biology sector and a more circular economy. 

For this, Allozymes is truly honoured to be recognised in this way by the FFA jury of industry titans, convening executives from leading corporations and industry stakeholders  – and shine out at Future Food Asia 2021.


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