A Director of Protein Engineering dedicated to leveraging the power of ultrahigh throughput screening for creating the next generation of enzymes

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Ali Fallah-Araghi to Allozymes!

Ali is joining our team as a Director of Protein Engineering, and he is on a mission to leverage our ultrahigh throughput screening platform for increasing activity, specificity, and stability of our enzymes.

Throughout his career, Ali has been interested in linking strong innovation with meaningful business. He obtained his PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Strasbourg in Andrew Griffiths’ lab developing screening applications for droplet-based microfluidics. Through his PhD he published some of the first in vitro assays for enzyme screening in droplet-based microfluidics and contributed to the development of the technology as a screening tool. 

Most recently, Ali worked at Novozymes for 10 years, where he occupied divers’ roles such as Science Manager, Department Manager, Scouting for Innovative Technologies, or Technical Service Manager. At Novozymes he spent most of his years in R&D, engaging in depth with enzyme and microbial screening, as well as expanding his role to the business side working to answer customer projects with strong innovation. With his experience, Ali has a deep understanding of protein engineering along with a knack for engaging with the customers and addressing their needs.

“I am thrilled to join Allozymes and its mission to accelerate enzyme development for the sustainable future of industries. Protein engineering at Allozymes will be at the intersection of large amounts of meaningful data and machine learning.  The combination of these technologies will empower us to create the next generation of enzymes for a more sustainable future” says Ali.

Welcome to the team! Looking forward to accelerating enzyme evolution together. 

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