Our Impact

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Sustainable development is the heart of Allozymes, fuelling our push to be more innovative and creative for the betterment of the Earth. Our technology and our people are drivers in the challenge to fight climate change. Through our work, our technology, and our environmental footprint, we are working together to be a part of the change the world needs to see, and that our Earth is begging for.

Our technology is inherently fighting for a more sustainable future, reducing waste and carbon emissions through our work and preserving natural resources. Instead of exploiting nature for the clean ingredients, we can make our own. This is why we are at the forefront of this change, and why we will continue to spread our work across sectors, making positive changes to the environment every step of the way.

In under three years, Allozymes has made impactful contributions to heal the environment through the prioritisation of innovative solutions through sustainable action. We look forward to what the future holds, and the continued growth and impact we can contribute to with the growth and expansion of our company.

Allozymes' impact is beyond the lab

If everyone used Allozymes enzyme engineering technology in the lab, we could Avert:


6.4 M

litres of biohazard waste



tons of plastic waste

Our Products at scale could Prevent and Save

8.5 M

tons of anthropogenic CO2 annually


Olympic Pools of Water

Rising temperatures, shortage of water, and a lack of land for production are challenging the current industrial outlook on productivity. With an increasing population, we are at the limit of planetary boundaries to nurture the 9B population. However, taking every area of infrastructure created in the last century and trying to invoke a shift in development is not realistic. The world requires a huge shift, and we can only do so much at once. Allozymes is playing a significant role in unlocking infinite possibilities through enzymatic development with the plan of having a database of custom enzymes for a variety of production lanes, reducing emissions substantially, and offering sustainable solutions to the food industry.
At Allozymes we believe there is a better way to coexist with nature and protect the earth.

Our mission to design and develop custom enzymes as the tool kits for sustainable manufacturing is rooted in sustainability. We are accelerating the development of enzyme solutions for carbon emission reduction, and re-imagining industrial biotechnology path to meet global food and fine chemical needs without harming our environment. We make it possible.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The basis of our technology, providing solutions to traditional harsh chemical and natural production, holds sustainability in its core. As we reflect on our goals to be a sustainable organisation, we analysed and outlinedhow our imporant work can touch different areas of the Sustainable Development Goals, and how incredible it is be a part of so many opportunities towards a more sustainable future. Below we have outlined how our work directly impacts certain SDG targets and subtargets, as well as less-direct links to additional indirect targets and subtargets. The work below outlines progress we have made as an organisation while touching on the numerous possibilities of positive effects through our upcoming priorities and projects.