SGInnovate Summation Run 9 – ALZ2 Strain Optimisation for Production of High Value Compound

Allozymes is a platform company that integrates and accelerates the sophisticated steps of the enzyme development process. Our platform greatly reduces the development time and cost by 10 folds, and increases the chance of success for enzyme engineering by 200 folds, with no waste over the development process. We revolutionise the way industries will use enzymes to generate chemicals and natural products. We are an enabler for breakthrough developments for sustainable manufacturing of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Phytoene is a carotene which plays an important role in the life chain of plants such as photosynthesis. These molecules also carry benefits to humans, especially in the cosmetic industry, such as UV protection, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory qualities. However, producing it from natural sources is expensive and resource intensive. It takes 10,000kg of tomato skin to extract about 3kg of phytoene. Thus, there is a huge consumer demand  for the biosynthesis of phytoene and similar compounds.

In this project, we will focus on screening of key enzymes and optimising the cell growth and its culture media. The apprentice will be working on protein engineering and metabolic engineering to further improve the biosynthesis process.


  • Conduct screening and characterisation of enzymes to improve the yield of production and optimise the bioprocess condition
  • Identify new enzyme candidates using bioinformatics tools and literature surveys
  • Construct a recombinant strain and evaluate phytoene production
  • Improve phytoene production by optimisation of culture conditions to achieve >100 mg/L of phytoene

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong in Biocatalysis, Enzyme Assays, Microbial Strain Engineering, Synthetic Biology
  • Good to have knowledge on Protein Expression, Metabolic Engineering

Candidates who fulfil the above mentioned criteria, are encouraged to Apply Here

Job Category: Research & Development
Job Location: Singapore

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