SGInnovate Summation Run 9 – ALZ1 DNA Sequencing for Enzyme Engineering

Allozymes is a platform company that integrates and accelerates the sophisticated steps of the enzyme development process. Our platform greatly reduces the development time and cost by 10 folds, and increases the chance of success for enzyme engineering by 200 folds, with no waste over the development process. We revolutionise the way industries will use enzymes to generate chemicals and natural products. We are an enabler for breakthrough developments for sustainable manufacturing of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemicals.

As we move towards green and sustainable manufacturing, enzymes are going to play a pivotal role. Mimicking nature’s manufacturing machinery, enzymes are finding enormous applications in various industrial processes. Allozymes is building a full platform for enzyme and strain engineering which the sequencing of the DNA samples would be a fundamental part of the platform. 

The apprentice will be working with DNA sequencing techniques to establish methods for sequencing DNA fragments. He/She will also be developing useful techniques and protocols to improve the quality of the sequence data.


  • Research on commercially available long-read technologies to find the best technique that provides high quality sequencing data at an affordable cost and time
  • Conduct parallel analysis of the sequences with well-established techniques, i.e. NGS from Illumina
  • Recover and amplify the DNA samples from droplets and employ developed techniques to read their sequence

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong in DNA Sequencing, NGS Library Preparation, Data Analytics
  • Good to have knowledge on Protein Expression

Candidates who fulfil the above mentioned criteria, are encouraged to Apply here

Job Category: Research & Development
Job Location: Singapore

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