Accelerating the evolution

Allozymes applies its proprietary platform technology to develop novel enzymes rapidly, revolutionizing the way industry manufactures complex natural products sustainably.


Solving dirty little secrets of natural products

The current methods to isolate desired ingredients from nature are, ironically, themselves damaging to nature. These processes use significant volumes of input biomass, water, and land for a tiny amount of a natural product! We are on a mission to tackle this problem with natural catalysts.


How we do it

Mimicking nature’s manufacturing machinery to produce natural products at scale.

Compared to the current robotic high throughput screening methods, our proprietary hardware technology enables to build and test millions of enzymes variants, 10X faster at a fractional cost, and increases the chance of success by 200X in developing industrially relevant enzymes.


Contact us

If you are a biotech company, talk to us and find out how Allozymes can save you as much as 50% on enzyme development costs.

If you are an innovative company looking to manufacture a natural product, learn how Allozymes cutting-edge technology can give you an advantage.


Catalysts for change

Peyman and Akbar are scientist-entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of combined experience in enzyme technology and bioprocess design. 

Join Us if you want to play a pivotal role in the next industrial revolution.


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